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Posts published in May 2019

How to Deal with Cracks in Your Foundation


Speaking from experience, major cracks in a foundation are a concern to a homeowner. Neglecting your home's foundation does not help the situation. But, there are remedies that will lessen your worry about your home's cracked foundation. Minor cracks in a foundation are concerning and should be properly assessed. But, major cracks are a sign of movement in the foundation and they should be inspected by a licensed contractor and fixed. Filling in the cracks and preventing them from spreading is what you need to do. Don't ignore the cracks. Instead, fix them to prevent further structural damage. If you have a concrete slab with cracks that are more than 1/4 inch wide, call a structural or civil engineer to review the damage, find the source, and provide a solution to the problem. For more severe damage, you may need to consult with soil engineer to find the reason for the shifting and cracking and fix the problem.

In harsh climate where there is severely cold winter weather, foundations will shift and move which leads to minor cracking. Even in milder climates, concrete moves an inch or two sometimes resulting in minor cracks. During hot weather, concrete expands and then shrinks when the weather turns cold. Cracks in foundations can be caused by water, shifting soil, or tree roots that spread into a foundation and deteriorate. Before a minor crack turns into a major one, repair them to prevent further damage.

Tuckpointing and Masonry

Before you fix the cracks, prepare the surface. To fix cracks, choose a concrete patching product that has some elasticity. A vinyl concrete patching product is good for repairing cracks that are over 1/8 inch wide. If a vinyl concrete patch material cannot be found, use a mixture of one part Portland cement to three parts sand. Add enough concrete bonding agent to the mixture until it is similar to the consistency of slightly stiff mashed potatoes. Then, take a small portion of the stiff mixture and add more of the bonding agent and mix it until it becomes somewhat soupy. Use an old paintbrush to brush the soupy material into the crack. Use a metal trowel to pack in the stiff mixture. Once you have filled the crack, use the trowel to smooth out the surface. Latex caulk containing silicone or polyurethane caulk can be used to fill minor cracks. Use a caulking gun to push the caulk into the crack. Caulking products provide elasticity and are pliable allowing for expansion and contraction. Most caulking products are self-leveling and do not need to be smoothed over with a trowel. To finish the repair task, use water to lightly spray the patch twice a day for about a week. This will prevent cracking and to help it to cure. Allowing the repaired surface to cure is an important part of the process. Be patient and allow time for the curing process to complete. In addition, consider using a quality concrete sealant to repel water and prevent moisture. The sealant will protect the repaired surface.

How to choose the best home services in the market?


Home services are absolutely essential for homeowners in this day and age. It helps to achieve a number of purposes such as keeping the house cleaner and more organized. This is why home services are getting very popular in this day and age.

Given the multiple options available in the market, it has become difficult to choose the right home service. Customers usually find it confusing to choose the right home service. Therefore, here are some of the factors listed that you must take into account before making your final selection:


Competence of a particular industry can be determined by experience of a specific service. Therefore, this is the first and foremost factor to take into account when choosing a home service. Ask them questions that would help you to determine for how long they have been in the industry. Better the experience, better they tend to be in their results. Make sure you are also aware of the clients they have dealt with previously.


Home services are a lot about the equipment being used. Each service will use a different set of equipment. Therefore, you must ask what equipment will be used for cleaning in your house. Better the products are, better the results are going to be. Look into the brands of the products to be used. It will determine a lot about the cleaning that will be conducted.

Customer reviews

This is perhaps one of the best ways to check out the different companies out there. Given that a lot of home services are available within the market, you need to ensure that you go through customer reviews. It will help in evaluation of the different pros and cons specific companies have. Moreover, it will help you obtain practical insights into the actual customer experience. This can be done in order to have an idea about the different aspects of a home service.

Customer service

Home cleaning companies are not only about cleaning the house. In fact, it entails a lot more. Customer service plays a very important role in this day and age. Therefore, you must consider the quality of customer service being offered by the home cleaning company. Make sure, the company has the ability to serve you in the right manner. One of the major aspects that you can look out for in a company is their ability to give urgent services. Also make sure the company is polite and considerate with you.


Price is the final factor to take into account. There are different home services in the market in a wide range of prices. Therefore, you must choose the company in accordance with your budget. However, price is not always determinative of the quality being offered. It is not necessary that all the expensive services are of good quality. Hence, you must consider the quality before taking into account the price of the home service.